Reluctant to spend all your resources in mobile app development? React native is undoubtedly a worthwhile choice that can help you to generate an instant presence in multiple operating systems at a pocket friendly prices. The framework is famously used by applications like Skype, Walmart, Instagram and many more.

Somehow, in order to gain perfection, you do need to consider the following points. Every React native app development company has to assure that it fulfills the below mentioned criteria while completing the app development process –

Why Should You Use React Native Application Development at All?


Before we move onto the points of consideration, it is very important to know why react native application development is so worthwhile. It actually started back in 2013 after considering users’ demand. There was a need for a platform that could develop multitasking applications with due expertise

The open source framework can simultaneously help you to create an application for both IOS and Android.

  • Uses JavaScript Only

React native applications are specifically built on Javascript and HTML5. Therefore, the developed applications cannot be distinguished whether they are created for mobile or web purposes. The basic UI helps you to get fully functional applications to execute your task.

  • Live Reload

The live reload feature is specific to react-native applications. It helps you to view the latest amendments that you need to make in order to gain perfection in the work. You can instantly view the effect of the code and make on screen changes instead of facing embarrassments.

Points to be Considered During React Native App Development in 2022 –

  • App Sizing for Different Screen Types

Now there is not just one screen size that people tend to use. Different types of digital devices have different requirements which must be considered by the react native app development company. You must choose either of UX/UI so that the application perfectly works in all screen sizes. Majority of the developers identify screen sizes using the third-party react-native-responsive-screen UI.

  • Imperfect for Animations

People willing to create an application that integrates animation effects must ditch the idea of using react native framework. This is definitely not something that can help you with the great User experience.

  • Code Reusability

React native platform is flooded with opportunities and surprises. One of the major benefits of using the platform is that you can release the application for multiple platforms at one time. You will be able to identify bugs and also eradicate them without much time wastage. React native app development company who understands the code part will have no issues in maintaining quality while transforming web projects for mobiles.

  • Navigation

Does your application have more than just one screen? Make sure that you define navigation so that things are easy for the future course of action. Passing data from different tabs needs better Analytics. People are tirelessly waiting for the replacement for the old navigator. You can take the help of a dedicated who can actually help you with the navigation part. 

You must select the correct navigation library amongst the two existing minus JavaScript navigator and native navigator. The former is more manageable while the latter is known for its outstanding performance. You have to be very careful while making decisions because there are several elements that can confuse you.

  • Styling of React Native App

CSS and react native do not have much differences between them. Somehow, the latter does not support cascading and several elements all together. You must know what are the remaining alternatives for developing a perfect react native application. After all, the priority is to develop a user-friendly application that works without any glitches and satisfies every user demand.

  • Integrate CSS – in JS Wrapper Library

Use a style component library as a better option if you are adamant to use jsx . This improves the overall CSS A period and never degrades the level of the application created.

  • Not 100% Supportive

React native app development is definitely not that easy because there are a couple of things that are not supported by the platform. You cannot think of integrating style props, shorthand properties, view style props and text style props. It is very imperative to have a correct approach while selecting the margin part as well.

  • Expo Kit

Expo kit is one of the best solutions to check out the workability of the technology in the react native application developed. It gives you a prominent solution that other modules cannot provide.

  • Testing

It is very important to check out the workability of the application before it is completely released. One must thoroughly see how the application works on different platforms and whether it brings value to the user. You will definitely come up with potential to improve the workability of the application once it is tested properly.

  • Modular Architecture

React native application development considers the uses of models in order to help the program to function well. It results in proper coordination and Ud applications that work well. 

React native app development company does not face issues while upgrading the apps because there is intuitive modular architecture present. Similar to the reusable codes, the module can also be used for mobile and Web API.

Why React Native Only?

This is the best cross platform mobile development Framework that lets you generate Applications by specifically deploying JavaScript. There is no need to create applications in HTML5 and then separately convert them into mobile applications. The indistinguishable applications work on multiple screen sizes to save time and money.

  • Modular architecture
  • Similar to native performance app
  • Cheaper development process
  • Open source platform

Final Words

So, these were just some important points that you must bear in mind while coming up with React native apps. Every React native app development company. 

Must consider the underlying factors because that is what exactly helps in satisfying a client. Undoubtedly, developing applications using react native is easier and cost-effective. Somehow, there are just a few things that one cannot ignore and forget while developing applications.

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