eCommerce Website Development

Ecommerce web development is the process of designing, developing, and designing an ecommerce website where the customer uses the website to purchase the products online. Nowadays, e-commerce websites have become more popular among customers, so developing an ecommerce website can generate more sales and revenue for your business. The primary responsibility of the eCommerce web developer in the Magento web development Syndeyis to design the prototype of the website and its function.

What is Magento?

Magento is one of the great eCommerce platforms. It’s an open-source technology that allows users to control and optimize the online store’s look, features, and functionality. Magento web development company Syndey uses these features and functionality to enhance the websites.

Magento generally offers both a free Magento Open Source and a feature-rich Magento commerce, which is a few customers to millions. The platform provides a variety of plugins used to improve the customer experience and improve customer relationships.

Why Use Magento?

The long-term professional eCommerce site used in the businesses and individuals can go for the Magento as their priority. Magento is the best open-source platform. Some of the basic features of the Magento are:

Product Management:

Product management is the optional comment review of the product, a favorites list, and the inventory.

Category Management:

You can easily find the product by selecting the category.

Inventory Management:

Inventory management is used for the product left in the stock, import, and export.

Client Account:

The client status is monitored as the account status, transaction history, address, and shopping cart.

Technology support:

Fast, user-friendly, and supports search on the google sitemap.

Extensions of Magento:

The Magento extensions are the pieces of software that the user can implement in their online store. The extension serves various purposes like increasing the loading speed and improving the customer experience. These applications and the service integrate your online store on the backend. There are thousands of Magento extensions available in the Magento marketplace which can use for the various purpose of Magento web development Syndey:

  • Payments

  • Customer service

  • Accounting and finance

  • Marketing

  • Security

  • Site optimization

  • Shipping

Top 10 reasons to choose Magento for an ecommerce website:

Magento is mainly used for ecommerce websites in the Magento web development company Syndey. Magento is usually used by many developers all over the world for developing flexible and user-friendly ecommerce websites. Top 10 reasons for choosing the Magento for developing the ecommerce website

  • Open Source Platform

  • Affordable cost for website development

  • Magento’s vast community

  • Better Payment options

  • Mobile Experience

  • Third-party integration

  • SEO-Friendly platform

  • Excellent Performance

  • Flexibility

Open Source Platform:

Magento is an open-source platform which is one of the significant reasons the developers choose Magento for ecommerce development. The Magento Community Edition is completely free. You can install or use any Magento version for free. If you have an experience in Magento, you can improve the performance of your Magento online store with new features and functionalities by installing the Magento modules. Magento web development service, which is used in the Magento community edition.

Affordable cost for website development:

Total cost is an essential factor when choosing the e-commerce development platform. Magento is an excellent option if you look for an easy, quick, and economical ecommerce solution. The main reason for the affordable is that cloud hosting lower the cost of maintenance, monitoring, and hosting the e-commerce solutions. The cost mostly depends on the features, location, and the Magento version your choosing. Usually, the average cost of a Magento website is $2000.  

Magento’s vast community:

The Magento is a huge community to withstand its competitors. The community includes Magento web development services with dedicated developers, programmers, project managers, CEOs, and bloggers worldwide. The Magento community that everyone is on the same page. If the developer faces an issue while developing the Magento website, you can quickly contact the Magento community and fix your problem. More than 360,000 forum members are available in the Magento community. This member provides you with proper guidelines and fixes for particular issues. The community will keep you updated with the latest trends.

Better Payment options:

The more payment method on the ecommerce website will lead to ease for the customers. Different customers use different payment methods, so the website should support all the payment options. Magento ecommerce development company usually supports popular payment methods such as PayPal,, Amazon payment, Goggle checkout, bank transfer, and cash on delivery. The Magento eCommerce website also provides a variety of online payments so the customers will not find any difficulty purchasing the product.

Mobile Experience:

Nowadays, mobile users are high because mobile can easily carry where you go. Around 65% of the online purchase are done on mobile devices to place an order. Therefore you should develop an online store that should support the mobile device. The Magneto supports HTML5, which is highly used to enhance the shopping experience on mobile devices. It can support and adjust the images and videos in the online stores. The Magento ecommerce website has the facility to customize anything you want. There is a built-in drag and drop feature where you get an enhanced mobile shopping experience.

Third-party integration:

third-party services can easily integrate many Magento Website development platforms. The third-party integration generally includes payment gateways, database applications, shipping, transportation, and order tracking facilities. Third-party integration allows in the Magento agency Sydney.The platform offers some of the built-in Google tools, which helps increase the website’s performance.

SEO-Friendly platform:

Magento is the best SEO-friendly platform. This platform is packed with some the essential features like 

  • URL structure

  • sitemaps

  • URL rewriters

  • Tags descriptions

  • positioning layer

The Above features help your ecommerce website rank higher in the search engine and help the customers find your website easily and quickly. Other features are integrating SEO plugins and extension, which is also used to rank your website in the search engine.

Multi-website management:

An excellent idea for the e-commerce website is using a multi-store option. Magento is the ability for the multi-store strategy on the online store. The Magento is the best choice for the multi-store plan. Many businesses help create and manage their online shops from one dashboard with the Magento online store. It helps to add products to multiple stores.

Excellent Performance:

Magento will help reduce page load time, common query processing, and static operations. Magento always ensures your e-commerce website’s performance. The Magento ecommerce development companyis the thousand of extensions mainly used for customization purposes. You can make your website more user-friendly by adding new customization.


Usually, the Magento developer enjoys complete control and authority over all the functions of the ecommerce website. The Magento developer can also develop a unique and stunning user experience based on multiple device access. Magento agency Syndey also offers the developer to customize the backend of the Magento web store to meet the specific user needs and requirements. The interface and processing capabilities control can be taken by Magento, which is the core solution of the ecommerce website.  


The Magento follows from the community to the superior support and from the multitasking to the flexibility. Magento usually gains lots of attention from the developers when it undergoes an advanced eCommerce platform. 

Many developers are attached to Magento because of its flexibility, and they can almost develop and change everything they need according to their client’s needs.