Do you want to be verified on OpenSea? A blue tick box indicates that the acct or gathering has been validated by OpenSea.

In other phrases, OpenSea has verified the authenticity of the profile or selection. This is to assist people in locating the main information of a profile or selection. This guide will show you how get validated blue checkmark on OpenSea. You’ll also learn the requirements for confirmation and who is not qualified for an OpenSea verifying.

What is the main criteria to get verification of OpenSea?

To be validated on OpenSea, you must have purchased at least each NFT within the last 3 weeks. An email message, social media profile, and banner are required for your fund.

Secure authentication queries are reviewed by OpenSea in four categories. For starters, if you are well-known in art, amusement, new tech, music, sporting events, playing games, news, world affairs, or activism, you will have a better chance of acceptance (e.g. Rob Gronkowski). You can also make a name for yourself through artistic, technological, or unique feature (e.g. Simon de la Rouviere). 

Second, account holders which are more highly probable to be validated are those with a high risk of theft (e.g. Budweiser).

Finally, being confirmed on some other social media site increases your chances of someone being validated on OpenSea. 

What is the list of requirements for getting verification in OpenSea?

It’s usually pretty hard to get validated on OpenSea but if you’re a prominent public person.

Blue checkmarks are typically assigned to prominent public figures or organisations. If you do not fit into this category, ones collection must have a volume of trade of at least 20 – 25 ETH until they will sometimes take into account it.

Here are a few general guidelines, though particular guidelines may vary depending on the circumstances:

  • You must have bought at least one NFT in the last three months.

  • Your user’s settings must include an email address.

  • You should have a facebook profile and a banner (do you need an OpenSea banner framework?) configured.

  • There have been no prior infractions of OpenSea’s terms and conditions.

  • You are a well-known public figure or organisation.

  • You represent a well-known brand that could be vulnerable to fraud.

It is always beneficial to provide instances of previous confirmation on other online platforms. That has found to be highly effective in determining how to get validated on OpenSea.

However, given OpenSea’s centralised nature, you are finally dependent on the whims of their planning.

Which criteria are ineligible for verification process in OpenSea?

Accounts that interact in deceitful or deceptive purchasing, trying to sell, going to bid, and offers will not be verified by OpenSea.

Accounts which use copyright protected or trademarked material without the need for a licence are also disqualified. Furthermore, you must be 18 or older to apply for just an OpenSea confirmation. Finally, any account which violates the terms and conditions of OpenSea will be rejected. 

How to get verified on OpenSea?

To get validated on OpenSea, go over to and fill out the verification form.

You must submit an application with your data and a connection to your facebook post. “Hello @opensea,” tried to follow by your digital wallet, should appear in your facebook post. Navigate to your characteristics to copy your OpenSea bitcoin address. 

Your wallet email will be displayed next to your user id. After submitting your application for confirmation, you must wait 5 days more than for it to be evaluated. If you are effective, a blue tick box will appear next to ones user id or gathering.

That’s how to get your OpenSea account verified: 

Apply firstly for verification details

You can pertain for an OpenSea verification if your profile meets the requirements. To begin, go to to access the request form

When on the shape, you must select the confirmation for which you are applying. For example, if you want to apply for confirmation, choose “Account confirmation.”

Following that, you should provide a connection to ones OpenSea account as well as your full address. By going to your characteristics, clicking just on transmit, and then clicking on “Copy,” you could indeed share the url to your OpenSea account. 

Upload the email id and proof details

After providing your full title, you must provide a new email address for your acct.

The email address you provide ought to be the same as the one associated with your OpenSea acct.

Following that, you have to provide proof of identification for your profile.

Post up the tweet  for your wallet address

If you’ve linked to your Twitter feed, you must also link to a general populace tweet. The tweet should begin with “Hello @opensea,” accompanied by your digital wallet.

An instance of a tweet is as follows:

Hello there, @opensea!


You must copy the url to the text after you have tweeted it. You can do this by trying to tap the send button, then “Ctrl V.” 

Paste up the link on the tweeter folder and lastly submit your account

You must then put the link to ones twitter post into the “Please focus on providing a link to a public twitter post / facebook post that contains the bitcoin address of the OpenSea characteristics you are going to request confirmation for.” field.

Following that, you must verify that the data supplied in the implementation is correct and that you have agreed to OpenSea’s terms and conditions.

Finally, click “Submit” to offer up your implementation. You must wait for OpenSea to evaluate your implementation after you have posted it.

OpenSea estimates that it will take probably five business days to decide your request. If you are successful, you will see a blue tick box next to ones OpenSea profile or gathering (guess it depends just on the confirmation you requested with answer for

How to get verified on OpenSea? 

What are the benefits for getting the verification on OpenSea?

There are numerous advantages to having your record or an NFT gathering validated on OpenSea.

In a world ruled by social value, possessing a blue checkbox is a huge sign of social evidence. Why do users think the social media confirmation is so common?

It not only proves that your profile is genuine, and it also indicates that you will be a prominent figure in your sector or society.

Obtaining a blue checkbox for your acct or collection is not required in order to excel in OpenSea, but still it usually indicates that you’re really effective. 

Can you lose your verification from the OpenSea?

What can be earned can, of course, also be lost.

If you start engaging in any action that may disbar you from OpenSea confirmation, your authenticated status may be revoked. So, if you’re fortunate enough to be validated on OpenSea, essential to follow the rules or you’ll lose that in an instant. Based on the intensity of the offense, your acct may be permanently banned from OpenSea. 


 It is extremely difficult to get validated on OpenSea if you are not a public person. This is due to the fact that blue checkmarks are restricted for compilations created by well-known public figures or organizations.

If you are not a well-known public figure or organization, your accumulation must have a trading activity of at least 100 ETH. Furthermore, all gathering items must be revealed.

Nonetheless, it does not assure that you will be verified. OpenSea may seek clarification, such as gathering draught files as well as contact details. This is done to ensure the collection’s and the person’s truthfulness. 

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