PHP Developer means

A PHP Developer is a professional software developer or Web Developer who develops software applications, websites, and programs using PHP language.

The Custom PHP development company Sydneywhere the PHP developer specializes in designing, testing, and implementing software developed using the PHP programs. The abbreviation of PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor. This scripting language helps the software developers write dynamic content quickly and add extra functionality to the web pages. There are almost many companies almost providing PHP developers.

Why is PHP so popular?

The PHP program is so popular mainly due to five critical things:

  • Simplicity

  • Zero Cost

  • Versatile

  • Large Libraries and community

  • More Extension and plugins


PHP programming is just like the English language. It’s so simple. The language usually goes as bits and bytes, which can run on any system productivity.

Zero Cost:

PHP is an open-source framework that is free and supported by loads of documentation. Being an open-source framework, PHP is readily available for new developers to test their code.


The PHP code can run on all the platforms, allowing the designer to check the site at different stages. They can work on other platforms like UNIX, Linux, and Windows.

Large Libraries and Community:

PHP is a massive library of resources. Being open-source, the developer can learn from the users across the world.

Extension and Plugins:

PHP allows the designer to create and add more functionality for the end-users. The extensions and plugins help the new developer cope with the programming challenges.

PHP custom development:

The custom PHP development allows the PHP developer to create the interface for updating the existing website from any web browser, which needs only a little understanding of any scripting knowledge. Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining the software for a specific set of users. Custom software development helps to develop according to the customer’s requirement.

Why custom development?

Before hiring the PHP developer for your custom development website, let’s have a clear term overview. You may already have a website that includes features and functionality, but you need to change the features and functionality according to the customer’s needs. If you have poorly developed features and functionality, the website can not traffic. The PHP development company Australiacreates a website with an elegant and attractive design that solves the customer’s problem and brings more visitors.

Skills required for PHP developer:

The PHP developer skills should have the ability to develop the website specializing in using PHP programming language to write the code for the server-side applications. Apart from the knowledge and understanding of the PHP language, a PHP developer can also use the other programming language skill in the PHP development role. The essential skill that you should have to become a PHP developer and work in a PHP development company Australia are described below:

  • Gaining the knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript are used to create the web pages. This will helps you to understand how the coding language works along with the websites.

  • PHP framework is used to create the PHP applications, increasing accuracy while coding. It also helps to reduce the time it takes to make an application.

  • The PHP developer generally uses PHP to create, update and maintain databases. Understanding and practicing the database language helps you to complete the task successfully.

  • The PHP developer should also know the webserver. Experience in web servers will provide you with server-side PHP experience.

Reason for choosing Custom Website development:

The custom website has the more benefits like

  • High user experience and visual effects.

  • Create an opportunity to develop your mobile-optimized custom website.

  • Extremely high secure

  • Allows the users to give your personal experience and personal touch.

  • It delivers and generates a high ROI and conversion for the business purpose.

  • A well-customized website will help to generate many new businesses.

  • The custom web solution will bring you a competitive edge.

The PHP development cost for custom development:

Hiring a skilled PHP developer and setting up the website will cost higher than building the website through the template. But if you want to run your website for the long run, it is good to invest today in hiring a PHP developer. A website usually involves hosting providers; know how to use FTP, link the website builder software with the hosting provider, and connect your website with the domain name. These procedures are usually managed by the custom PHP development company Sydney, which consists of developers. The team will undertake all the activities like designing, developing, and testing the well-structured and mobile-friendly websites. The group consists of various members like:

  • PHP back-end web developer

  • Custom PHP web developer

  • Full-stack PHP Web developer

The PHP development company will provide the maintenance and all supported cost for the website. The PHP web development company Australia provides better maintenance and support facilities for its clients. The cost of custom development is classified as follows:

  • Hosting cost

  • Development cost

  • Designing cost 

  • Maintenance cost

Hosting Cost:

There are different kinds of web hosting available. The three different types of web hosting that you can buy are listed below:

  • VPS hosting cost 

  • Shared hosting cost

  • Dedicated hosting cost

VPS hosting cost:

The VPS hosting cost usually ranges from the $50 to $250

Shared hosting cost:

The shared hosting cost usually ranges from $5 to $30.

Dedicated hosting cost:

The dedicated hosting costly generally depends on the project, starting from $1000.

Suppose the file transfer protocol (FTP) manages your website files stored in the host. For this, the designer and the PHP web developer may cost per hour up to:

  • Designer cost – $30 to $80(per hour)

  • Developer cost – $80 to $180(per hour)

Developer Cost:

If you want a unique website, you should go with a customized design. When you hire a custom PHP Web developer from developing countries, you must charge $5000. But if you employ a PHP development company Australia from a developed country, you need to set a $10000 to $30000.

PHP designer cost for the custom development:

Once your framework is ready is need to famous your website by doing some content creation. The content creation includes:

  • Background design

  • Header images

  • Inserting text to describe an item

  • Custom graphics

  • Inserting the logo

The PHP web designer cost may vary according to the different criteria like

  • PHP web designer – $50 – $ 80 per hour

  • Charges for three pages – $250 – $500

  • Logo cost – $100 – $1500

Maintenance cost of PHP website:

After developing and designing the website, the important part is maintaining the website. The maintenance can allow you to update and debug the user experience regularly. The experience PHP developer may cost a high, but it gains a great return on investment.

The experienced developer cost usually ranges from 

  • Experienced Web developer cost – $80 – $ 180 per hour

  • Maintainance cost – $500 – $800 yearly


The attractive web design is most important for attracting its audience. If you have a strong web development team that helps grow your website more. To deliver custom web solutions, you need to employ a good PHP developer or designer for your project at an affordable cost. The cost maybe a little higher if you hire an experienced developer. You may hire a freelance web developer who charges for hours or a custom PHP development company Syndey. You can ask your web programmer to give a customized touch to enjoy a good ROI.