WordPress is a free and open-source website creation platform, and it is the easiest and most powerful blogging and website builder that exists in the current situation. It is an excellent website platform for a wide range of websites. 

It is versatile for blogging, e-commerce, business, and portfolio websites. The significant aspect of WordPress is the solution for both large and small websites designed with high usability and flexibility. WordPress supports both backend and frontend features of the website that the visitors see on the web usage. WordPress development company sydney offers the best service for its clients and it uses WordPress as its Content Management System for its clients. The company builds various types of websites with the help of WordPress and satisfies its clients to a greater extent.

Significance Of Service Providers:

WordPress development company in australia offers round the clock support for its clients by providing the best technical support from the most talented team. The service provider also offers

  • Consulting

  • Analytics

  • SEO service with multi-language support

The company helps augment business by helping to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction with a collaborative and agile web development process. 

The company also offers cost-effective services for its clients at a competitive pricing structure, thereby helping its clients receive the best deals out of their service. 

The company customizes the websites and offer user-friendly web designing service to its clients. In addition, they make the websites more compatible by integrating the 3rd party applications on the website with a more straightforward and more accessible form.

Features Of Custom WordPress Offered By Wordpress development company sydney:


The users of WordPress get the opportunity of installing various themes effectively without altering the content structure of their website. There are free and paid theme availability options, and the users or the developers can prefer either of the possibility for theme installation. The paid themes are comparatively high featured than the free themes. The developers can even customize the articles based on their client’s interest during the process of WordPress theme development.

Extensions and Plugins:

The WordPress library contains many extensions and plugins that support the mainstream module and framework. Therefore, the developers can customize and tailor the websites as per the specific requirements of their clients by using a wide range of plugins. 

The plugins are constantly upgraded with the latest technology trends available in the industry and assure the best compatibility to its users in web designing. The range of plugins extends from SEO to the client’s portal. Furthermore, it is used to display private information to the login users, enabling them with content showing features similar to the addition of widgets and navigation bars on the developing website.

Mobile features:

WordPress offers several templates, theme modules, and extensions for several mobile sites. It also can support multiple operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry RIM, and so on. The features allow the users for 

  • Blogging

  • Commenting

  • Offering reviews

  • Analysis

  • Moderating and replying to features for mobile phones and so on

Voice search:

It is a feature that has gained popularity in recent days. Recently more people are using smartphones with an internet connection. It helps in recognizing the voice commands while using their mobile applications. WordPress helps integrate with the voice command and allows businesses to grow well in the digital platform.

Live chat and chatbots:

The particular feature helps users browse multiple websites and allows them to chat with the customer support service. In addition, the live chat feature helps in. 

  • Enhancing engagement of the business

  • Improves the activity

  • It gives the best user experience

  • Helps in conversions

The users can now activate the plugin in WordPress development to switch on the live chat option.

Accessibility mode for widgets:

WordPress is available with a hidden accessibility mode for widgets, and it makes it easier and simple to add widgets without dragging or dropping the selected items. The users can add this specific feature by following simple steps and instructions.

Integrated news and blog posting:

WordPress comes with the feature of built-in blogging and blog category management facility. The feature helps in adding, editing, and removing the contents as per the user’s requirement. 

The feature is available with a clean writing interface that allows users to enter the post’s title, contents, video, images, etc. It is also available with a gallery block that helps users display the images in rows and columns.

The added advantage of this specific feature is that it allows the user to copy and paste the videos and URL to the paragraph block, and WordPress automatically converts it into the desired pattern.  WordPress development company in australia adds these features during WordPress development for websites to satisfy their clients with the specific part.

Custom content types:

The other notable feature of WordPress is nothing but custom content types, and it keeps the regular posts away from the custom content types. Instead, the user can add the average contents with the custom contents by adding a simple code into the theme functions.php files or using a specific plugin. The available list of ready to use post types in WordPress includes  

  • Blog Posts

  • Pages

  • Attachments

  • Navigation menus

  • Revisions 

The particular feature of custom content type allows the user to create innovative content types on the website that includes an intelligent and easy way of publishing the content types to the website. 

Managed website security:

WordPress offers the best security features for its users. Security services like 

  • Backups

  • Ore upgrades

  • Updates 

All help ensure the tracking of the website and protect the websites from being hacked by the hackers.

The feature also helps the user continuously monitor the network for any suspicious activities and thereby prepares the users to deploy disaster recovery and accidents plan according to the need. 

WordPress development company sydney offers automated backups for their clients to restore the website data. 

Support for PHP 8:

WordPress is written using PHP programming language, and the language releases its new versions to 

  • Improve performance

  • To add features and 

  • To fix bugs

The users can avail the best benefits of these specific features by using PHP 8 along with WordPress for higher compatibility. Wordpress development company sydney helps in changing the older version of the WordPress by testing the site with WordPress5.6 and enables the website to upgrade for PHP 8.0

All these features are crucial for website development using WordPress, and the features are explained well for better understanding.

Benefits of custom WordPress:

The following are the available benefits of using custom WordPress for the websites, and the benefits include  

  • Maintaining originality of the websites

  • It takes a short development time

  • It is available with a faster loading time feature

  • It is easier to update the customized themes

  • It offers higher security

  • The possibilities of availing the added advantage of WordPress Development Services

WordPress development company in australia considers all these beneficial aspects of WordPress and avails the best service for their customers. 

The custom WordPress development allows the users to add pages, content, images, and videos instantly, neatly, and efficiently. 


WordPress development is known well for all its features, and the most adorable part is that it can be customizable as per the client’s requirement. 

The user can even personalize WordPress development as per their need and condition, and these entire features make the developers design the websites and web pages attractively. Therefore, it helps in the reach of the business to a greater extent.