The safety of women is most important nowadays. Therefore one nee0d to make out the credentials attached to

women safety app.Here side you can see some of the safety applications specially designed for women.

SmartShehar Woman Safety Shield Protection

Helps to take a photograph. When you press the emergency alarm, the photo and placement are sent to a pre-determined lineup of emergency numbers. Don’t panic if you misplace your phone prior to actually sending the data; the software will automatically have sent it within just few secs.


It sends out a message ‘I am in threat’ when activated by pressing the device’s power switch. I require assistance. Please notify contact details every 2 minutes of my present position. It is one among the most recommended women safety app

Suspects Registry For Women

It indeed monitors location. When you activate the panic button, it shall notify emergency services of your current location and records it for one minute. The “Track Any Event” feature automatically submissions images to the phone’s Facebook fan page. The system can store data.


Allow urgent contacts to track you using a live GPS path. Set a timer to notify you if you’ve not ‘inspected in’; End up making your ring tone by making a phoney call; The alert provides emergency numbers with place, video, and even sire information.

Pukar A Personal Safety App

At periodic intervals, it sends SMS alerts with Gps coordinates to predefined emergency numbers. By turning off the phone as well as darkening the display, it guarantees that it does not draw more attention as per

women safety app

Women Safety Help Totem SOS

Allows you to select a mode based on

Android app development sydneyyour perception level of threat. When users feel secure, use ‘green,’ once you are unsure, and red inside an urgent situation. In red mode, you can dial 100, send your position, take pics every seconds, and audio input. Yellow method only communicates Gps coordinates at user-defined interims.

Raksha Women Safety Alert

By pushing the power button, you can send a position notification to emergency numbers even if the app isn’t open. If there is no wifi tethering, it can also crank 100 as well as send SMS.

iGoSafely Personal Safety App

If you rattle the mobile strenuously or disconnect the headsets after activating it, it will notify your connections. Location information is included in emails and texts. Notifications are sent out each moment until the app is deactivated. Your GPS location, road email (if obtainable), and a thirty second audio tape are all included in each sms message.

Smart 24×7

Panic notify contact details urgent contacts; it documents voices as well as images during a state of panic and sends them to officers. There is a helpline, as well as the key stakeholder could indeed track the user’s moves.

Women Safety Secured

The app recognises shrieking as well as weeping as distress calls and has sent texts and emails of location data to contact details with android app development company Sydney 

Nirbhaya: Be Fearless

This same app notifies which was before connections of the destination address. The user has the option of sending the notification as an SOS text, telephone conversation, as well as Facebook account.

Urgent situation, this same app also gives users the option to send a notification by simply trying to shake their mobile. It also has sent the location of a user to selected contacts each 2 hours then after a 400 m formation change.


This security app includes features such as Gps data, instructions to secure places, and layout pins that demonstrate safe and dangerous areas. 

The app does have a number of other characteristics aside from the basic SOS characteristic of attempting to contact the person’s friends and relatives in emergency cases and allowing them to track the consumer. In addition to English, Safetipin is accessible in Hindi, Bahasa, as well as Spanish.

Circle of 6

For using Circle of 6, the user must add six close friends and family to their ‘circle.’ After that, if they discover themself in a dangerous situation, they could use Circle of 6 to start sending a which was before SMS warning messages to their circular pattern, including their precise location. 

In crucial circumstances, Circle of 6 can be used to dial specific pre nationwide helplines or emergency services figures.

Eyewatch SOS for Women

watch SOS for Women records audio files of the user’s environs and has sent it, including an alarm signal, to the patient’s sheet attached. 

This app has received praise for its viewpoint precision, ability to perform without GPRS, as well as security affirmation feature. When the user has safely arrived at their destination, they can notify their loved ones by pushing the I am Safe tab. It is accessible on both Google Play and apple music.

SpotnSave Feel secure

SpotnSave Feel Secure, among the most innovative safety application areas, sends a warning notification with the place to the which was before interaction each 2 minutes. 

If the consumer has not had direct exposure to his phone, he could use the headband that did come with both the app as well as hit a button on the pop group. 

This tends to work through Wireless headphones in same way that your phone does. This app seems to be available in google Game and iTunes stores along with

Android app development services


When activated, iGoSafely has sent warning signals, email accounts, and/or GPS location to contact numbers. Except if the alarm is disarmed using the hidden disarm software, the software keeps sending texts every moment. 

In addition to the results noted above, iGoSafely has sent a seventy audio tape recorded by the device’s headset. It can be triggered by trying to shake the mobile or attempting to remove the headsets.

Smart 24×7

Safety 24X7 is an app that allows users to contact police by pushing the panic button. This software also includes the ability to call a previously designated interaction. In the event that GPRS fails, the place is sent via Text messaging.

 Along with traceability, customer service, and talk, this software also took pictures and records sound of the scenario. It is accessible on both Google Play as well as iTunes.


After pushing the button four times or shaking the mobile, this app gives an urgent SOS message or tends to make an immediate call toward the predefined figures.

Shake2Safety appears to work without the need for an internet access and even when the display is barricaded. This software is also helpful for reporting robberies, accidents, and natural disasters.


Any civilian can use this app to make a report criminal proceedings or illicit behavior in their neighbourhood. Cases of loss or theft items can also be reported to the authorities. 

CitizenCop app provides a secure zone for women called Lakshman Rekha as well as offers features such as real time tracking, phonecalls, and SOS alert the user. This app is available to all Ios and android mobile users via the Appstore and iTunes, in both.


When a woman seems unable to click the device’s button due to a problem, she can initiate the Chilla app by speaking loudly. When this software is activated, it has sent an alarm signal to the female’s guardian. 

Aside from this characteristic, pushing the power switch 5 times starts sending warning signals to which was before contacts. It is available for download from Android Market and iTunes.

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