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While delivering custom web application service, we provide structured framework programming along with standard coding guidelines and best practices. Our team not only creates a website but transforms it into a priceless asset for the business. Some of the core areas forming important components of the web application services are as follows:


Designing web based ERP is our forte as the functions can be controlled with the help of a single dashboard. Users do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand the functionalities of the system. We are one of the best in the industry to provide cost effective business solutions not only to the smaller companies but also to the big corporate. By using our customized ERP application, you can significantly cut down on IT cost and maintenance. It is instrumental in ensuring device independence and scalability. Moreover, users can also access the system irrespective of their location on the globe.


Our customer relationship management system offers one stop solution to the users. The team of developers and designers collaborate with the clients to understand their requirements and use clean codes as well as APIs to execute the project. While developing the system, each milestone is properly defined and the processes are designed accordingly. We follow the incremental model of development to optimize the expenditure of the company and deliver the product in a record time.

Third party AP integration:

Unlike the legacy system of yore, our web based applications are easily compatible with the Third party programming g interfaces. For instance, you can easily combine a customized pay gateway application to the system without initiating major changes.

Custom portal development:

Our company has gained expertise in streamlining the customized portal development for the benefit of the users. Right from data entry to data reporting option, users can perform the task with a single click of the button. The system is compatible on multiple browsers and also mobile friendly. As a user, you can move around and access the system with a single click of the button.

CMS development:

We have created a robust content management system capable of simplifying the data processing tasks. It is crucial to saving money both on the hardware, software and licensing procedures.

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