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Types of Web Hosting Plans to Choose From:

With so many types of web hosting plans out there, choosing the best one is overwhelming. With thousands of companies in competition with different web hosting plans, it is natural to get confused. With the growth of online business, your hosting needs also expand and get more complex. In the startup, you may want to look for hosting plans for beginners. If your website seems sluggish and gets more traffic, you need to look for other plans. Here are some of the most common hosting plans to look for:

Shared Hosting:

As the name suggests, shared hosting is when your site is hosted on the server along with other sites. You have to pay just $5 to $10. Linux shared hosting plan is designed for startups which are low on budget and that have very limited needs. You can start up with this plan to reduce costs if you are not getting thousands of visitors every day.

Reseller Hosting:

These packages are basically shared account having extra tools to resell your hosting space. Reseller hosting comes with better tech control, billing software and other benefits, such as free website templates, private name servers, and white label tech support.

Cloud Hosting:

It is fairly new yet revolutionary hosting technology. Cloud Magento hosting enables hundreds of separate servers to work together and form a giant server. This way, your web host can deal with excessive traffic. If you are driving more traffic with your site growth, it can accommodate instead of turning your website down.

Managed WordPress Hosting:

With the popularity and increased use of WordPress, most hosting providers are now offering managed WordPress hosting packages. They will keep your WordPress up-to-date to protect against threats and hackers. Though it is not cheap as shared plans, it is best for both startups and large businesses using WordPress.

Dedicated Hosting:

By dedicated server, we mean renting the whole server from a hosting provider. You can have ‘root’ access with SSD Linux hosting. So, you don’t need to worry about other sites slowing down your website and eating up your resources.

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