Dedicated Hosting

  • Linux dedicated hosting
  • High performance dedicated hosting
  • Window dedicated hosting
  • SSD dedicated hosting

Types of Dedicated Hosting Services Explained

A server is actually a program used to serve the request from the clients to have some space in a network. It could be a dedicated or shared server. A dedicated server is a server which is dedicated to only one website. There are different types of dedicated hosting servers.

Basic Dedicated Server:

It is the basic Window dedicated hosting server which is used widely for web hosting and it can handle more traffic than shared hosting server. To respond to more requests, it has added a dedicated resource.

High-Performance Server:

The high performance dedicated hosting has a high amount of resources on the server. It has got heavy duty configurations. You can use it when you have to use the high amount of data to be hosted on it. This type of server is handy for maximum request handling and traffic.

Bandwidth Dedicated Server:

The bandwidth allowed is higher than the basic server. This type of dedicated server is used when you have to host video and audio files. It takes more bandwidth to respond to the request for video and audio files, there are high transfer limit and bandwidth to this type of server.

Database Dedicated Server:

This type of Linux dedicated hosting server is used to store database and SQL queries are responded later from the database. A dedicated server is used to host a huge SQL database and responds to the SQL queries.

Application Dedicated Server:

This type of dedicated server is used to store services of any mobile application that runs on the smartphone to transmit data. The format is generally in XML or JSON.

Server Mirroring Server:

It is another type of dedicated server which creates real time copy of server from which you have to backup the data. It is to prevent any type of crash because of different reasons like malicious attack or hardware failure on the server.

Email Dedicated Server:

It serves as a base to forward and receive the email from the receiver and sender in SSD dedicated hosting. It sends the email to other server and gets mail from other server and delivers to the clients.

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