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eBay vs. Online Store: – Which is More Beneficial to Your Business?

Whether eBay store management is best or online store is up to different factors, such as your products, business, products, market, and budget. Both e-commerce site and eBay store solution have their pros and we will discuss both.

eBay Stores

  • The initial cost of investment is generally lower and eBay integration with Magento is easy. Virtually anyone can have an online eBay store within few hours. It is the best way to monitor your business.
  • Having an online eBay store is something like having a shop in a bustling shopping center so people will walk past your website and see your products offering all day. You don’t need to have a store of items where no one is there to see them.

Along with it, you can also customize your eBay store with different information on your business. You can add a header image with your branding and logo as well as total integration with PayPal. So, you don’t need to worry about credit card security or merchant bank accounts.

To sell some kinds of products, eBay can be the best choice with m2epro integration, including ones which are used and depend on price instead of quality.

Online Stores

Generally, they are more costly as compared to eBay. However, you can recover these costs in the long run once your online store is successful. They cost high because PayPal charges are high and customers are looking for the cheaper supplier. With a custom online store, you can market your products according to their quality instead of cost. It obviously has no competition once you attract people to your website.

An online store is fully customized and it has a lot more professional look and is a lot more flexible with pricing and features. It can accommodate even the most complex pricing or products.

Verdict – Which Solution is best?

To decide the best e-commerce solution for your business, there is no hard and fast rule. Sometimes eBay is better while sometimes it is a customized online store. Another important thing is to contact a reliable developer to discuss your needs. Some clients call us for online shops while they actually need an eBay store. We suggest them the best solution to generate a great return.

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